Saturday, October 4, 2008

     Today I had a conversation with a colleague from work, a wise and wonderful mentor and friend.  I sought her out originally to discuss a work situation, but we ended up talking about faith and hope and the sphere of influence that women can have in the lives of those around us.

  We talked about how important it is to recognize the right of every individual to have his own beliefs and to work out his own life, whatever that may be.  We talked about how important it is to keep our friends and family around us, especially when their beliefs differ from ours, rather than push them away with any kind of judgment or intolerance. 

 We talked about the desire we have to be examples of women of faith,  whose faith works for them in their lives, so that those we love can see the power of that truth in our lives, and at least see that for us, faith has real power.

We talked about the importance of loving others well and truly, so that our example earns the respect of those we love and care about. 

 We talked about how hard it must be for people experiencing trials to live life without the power of faith.  We talked about our gratitude for our faith, and our realization of its blessing in our lives. 

 We talked about control, and how one of the main things to learn in life is how to let go of it, and how to open the door to accept whatever paths life takes us in and whatever challenges life throws at us with our faith intact, so that it can shore us up and keep us going.

  We talked about the importance of deciding to enjoy each day that life brings us, and rejoice in every good moment.

We talked about our children, and how much we love each and every one of them, and how so many of our students need our love as well. 

 We talked about the spirituality inherent in all people, and the different ways that spirituality is expressed, and the different paths we all take to feel that spiritual connection.   We talked about the fact that every person's path is different, and every person is at a different place in the traveling of it.

 I thought about how even though she and I are of different faiths, and have different religious cultures,  the deep spiritual truths that life is teaching us seem to be identical.  

I realized anew that there are so many different ways to learn truths, and remembering that always fuels my faith and my hope, and leaves me feeling more connected to the world, and all the different types of people sharing it with me.


Sue said...

Wish I'd been there for that conversation! Love you.

Kristin said...

Those kind of friends are the best- true friends that you can have meaningful conversations with.

Heather Anderson said...

Sounds like a great conversation I love having those and having those types of relationships where you feel comfortable enough to have those conversations. What a blessing for you both. Now I too feel inspired because you shared, thanks:)

Sue said...

Someday I'm going to click on this blog of yours and see a new post.

I know it. I have faith.


Toni said...

Just checking in to see if you had a new post. I'll keep checking!